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 Obstetrician/Gynecologist by training from Makerere University Kampala Uganda. I have been working for over 35 years. Initially as a clinician in the Mulago National hospital, currently working with the World Health Organization as the Reproductive, maternal, and newborn health technical officer. I am member of several technical working groups of the Ministry of Health in Uganda including: MCH, ANC, Family Planning, Adolescent Health, Newborn, MPDSR and PPH, GBV/VAC and Male Involvement in SRHR/HIV. I have supported the development of various policies, strategies, and programs on Sexual and Reproductive Health including Adolescent health and GBV/VAC.I supported the development of various guidelines and training materials on Adolescent health, Essential maternal and new- born health, Family Planning, Male Involvement in SRHR including Coaching boys into men. Supported several CSOs to implement adolescent health programs. Founder member for a master’s degree course on Leadership on Saving Mothers in the Uganda Christian University. I work with and train young people in implementation of Sexual and Reproductive health programs. I have supported some districts to establish quality improvement programs in maternal and newborn health. Working with several NGOs and some Rotary clubs to enhance maternal health and WASH programs as well as adolescent, at district level. Promoter and Co-Innovator for the Maama kit and Safe motherhood in general working very closely through Ministry of Health since 1997.

I have been a stakeholder in implementation of various UN joint programs in Uganda on Sexual and Reproductive health and Population and Development, Gender and Health, Integration of SRHR/HIV/GBV.

Married and a mother of 4 children.