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Dr Elizabeth Bankah is a Senior Specialist Family Physician at, the Department of Family Medicine, Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ghana with over 14 years of experience. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris, USA and went on to earn a medical degree at the University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana. She completed her residency in Family Medicine and is a member of the West Africa College of Physicians and the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Ghana School of Public Health and a graduate degree in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She also holds a Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management from the University of South Wales.

She is a champion and a pioneer in charting the course of Adolescent Medicine in Ghana. She is the founder and Head of the Adolescent Care Clinic, a prototype in Ghana where she leads a multidisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive primary care to undifferentiated adolescents and young people With a strong foundation in family medicine and a deep understanding of unique challenges faced during this life stage, she provides compassionate, coordinated and continuous clinical care to adolescents and young people. 

She is a volunteer and board chairperson of Diabetes Youth Care (DYC) a non-governmental organization that provides psychosocial and material support to young persons living with Type 1 diabetes(warriors) in Ghana. She facilitates monthly support group meetings for warriors and their families and annual Diabetes camps. She is passionately involved in advocacy, champions awareness, destigmatization, and public education on non-communicable diseases especially Diabetes in adolescents and young people. She is a frequent speaker at community health events, focusing on issues pertinent to adolescent well-being and actively collaborates with local schools and youth organizations to provide educational workshops and health screenings. 

In addition to clinical work, she is an adjunct lecturer on Women’s Health at the Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives and lectures on Adolescent Health in the Family Medicine Modular Residency program at the Ghana College and Physicians and Surgeons.  She is a member of the national technical committee on the Adolescent Health and Development program of the Family Health Division of the Ghana Health Service. She is a resource expert in the development, evaluation and revision of national School Health Programs training materials. 

Her research interests include lifestyle and noncommunicable diseases in adolescents as well as psychosocial challenges and harm minimization.

She is a member of several professional organizations including the International Association of Adolescent Health, the Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA).